Custom Quilts
Custom Quilts


When making custom made quilts Diane tries to design the quilt according to the customers desires and her imagination and ability with her cutter. Diane says it may take a while, but please be patient, you will get your quilt.

#780 Bird House & Bird Bath #781 Cats and More Cats #787 Alzheimer’s Quilt #801 Light Houses #809 Crown Royal
#780 - King Scenery - Bird House and Bird Bath - This quilt was made from a wall mural for a couple in Branson, Mo #781 – Throw – Cats and More Cats - This quilt was made for a house-bound cat lover in Florida #787 – Wall Hanging – Alzheimer’s Quilt - Diane was honored to be asked to do this quilt for the Alzheimer’s Assoc. of New York #801- Long Double – Light Houses - A lady from Abilene, TX had this quilt made for her husband for Christmas #809 –California King- Crown Royal - This quilt was made for a gentleman in Haslet, TX, who Collected Crown Royal bags (this quilt was particularly challenging!)
#816 Noah's Ark #821 Native American Indian Scenery #822 Pledge of Allegiance Royal Family #833 – Wall Hanging – Welcome sign - For a pet grooming store
#816 – Baby quilt – Noah’s Ark - Sold to a lady for her new grandson #821 – extra Queen - Native American Indian Scenery - This quilt took Diane six weeks to appliqué #822 - made for a nice lady from VA to give her husband for his birthday and Christmas present. It took Diane a month to appliqué all the letters. quilt Diane sent to the royal couple while she was in England. #833 – Wall Hanging – Welcome sign - For a pet grooming store
#834 – Throw – Cowgirl - For a young girl from her mom #845 – for Emily Rose #853 – Tennis Courts

#907 – King Size Ties

#925 - Cozy Throw, Scenery – Winter’s eve

#834 – Throw – Cowgirl - For a young girl from her mom

#845 - This quilt was made for Emily Rose, who is named after me and my fabric cutter. This little is angel is a miracle from God, a preemie who is now a year old. #853 - The front is tennis courts and on the back is tennis themed material.

#907 - Thanks to the donations from Spartanburg, SC Meals on Wheels volunteers and meal recipients, Diane has made a very special, custom quilt made of men's ties.


Purchased by a Meals on Wheels benefactor for the benefit of Meals

on Wheels, Spartanburg, SC. Meals on Wheels, this King-sized quilt will resell or be raffled in the near future, to help fund their work.

#925 - Cozy Throw, Scenery – Winter’s eve

Diane wants to be sure and thank those people who have ordered or will order custom made quilts for giving her the chance to bless them with a handmade quilt.

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